HELENE VOGELSINGER music whales patch with sarah belle reid

Imaginative Listening Project feat. Hainbach, Hélène Vogelsinger, & Tim Held

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Inter-Galactic Sonar Communication Probe - Vol.2 | Helene vogelsinger

"Opa" rework | Helene vogelsinger

"Entreaty" by Helene VOGELSINGER | MAKE NOISE

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Live modular performance with Hélène Vogelsinger | ADAM Audio

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video with the "Ground Control" | Endorphin.es

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Morphagene as a Stepping Stone of the Creative Process | MAKE NOISE

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visual rebirth by helene vogelsinger remix francesca guccione

Rebirth (Remix) by Francesca Guccione 2021

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visual helene vogelsinger & francesca guccione muqatae remix

Muqataea (Remix) by Helene VOGELSINGER 2021

"contemplation" 2022 video concept | dance | videography | fashion